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Lynx can help your business improve service while lowering expenditures

Lynx Gaming Solutions specializes in tools, procedures and processes to help optimize your gaming facilities bottom line. We can assess your needs, offer suggestions, provide solutions and perform the optimization.

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At Lynx, we implement streamlined processes that quickly maximize profitably for our clients. Each Lynx consultant is a specialist in his/her field with a minimum of ten years of practical experience in their area of expertise. Together, our team works toward a single goal: To bring effective and sustainable processes to our clients that enhance profitability in all facets of gaming and hospitality. With customized programs that specifically address our clients’ unique circumstances, our techniques and processes cut waste and enhance profits.

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Kevin Parker
Kevin Parker

Kevin Parker is the President of Lynx Gaming Solutions, a full service consulting solution designed to assist casino operations and manufacturers isolate...

Andrea McCurry
Andrea McCurry
VP of Operations

Andrea McCurry is the VP of Operations at Lynx Gaming Solutions, a full service consulting solution designed to assist in casino operations and manufacturers...

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Jim Brow
Jim Brow

Jim Brow is a designer that specializes in multifaceted design. He has been actively designing since 2003 and has worked with small business and corporate...